Two-Piece Hydraulic Hose Fittings
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Two-Piece Hydraulic Hose Fittings

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Description Surface Treatment
High Quality Two-piece Hydraulic Hose Fiiting.
JIC, BSP, NPT, NPTF, DIN, JIS, Komatsu, ORFS, SAE Flange, Supper CAT Flange Terminal available.
Surface treated with supper high quality Cr.3 zinc plating.
Salt Spray Test result: 200hr without white rust and 400 hrs without red rust.
Crimping data is varified by impulse test.
Material: carbon steel and stainless steel are available. 

Insight guarantees a long-lasting service life for its hydraulic hose fitting in a highly corrosive enviroment. Laboratory tests in salt-spray enviroment, carried out in compliance with ISO 9227 and ASTMB117, shows a corrosion resistance 4 times higher than the standard: 400 hours compare to 96 hours prescribed by the ISO standard.

Insight commits to enviroment protection and guarantee that all the products are coated Chromium VI free.