Spiral Hose Protector
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Spiral Hose Protector

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The use of spiral guard hose is an economical and convenient method of protecting and extending the life of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, cables, wires and rope from premature wear. Manufactured from extruded high density polyethylene (HDPE), Spiral Guard Wrap will withstand the extremes of climate and operating conditions.Spiral Guard Wrap protects against abrasion, cuts, crushing, UV and various hazards Spiral Guard Wrap’s open spiral design allows for simple installation in the field, without the need to disconnect lines.

high-density Polyethylene, spiral-formed protection system, wear, cut, and crush-resistant
polymer Tensile Strength 25MPa at room temperature.

Mining, equipment, forestry, agriculture, trucking, automotive applications.
Temperature Range -60℉ to +210℉ (-50℃ to +100℃)

General purpose and Anti-static application in flat and cambered shape are available.

Standard length is 20 meters per box.
The Sprial Protector Wrapping Machine is available.